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Here’s What Orange County Businesses
Say About The Borden Group

Thanks to The Borden Group we have bookkeeping records that balance and are understandable. We have quarterly QuickBooks documents that are exact and timely managed. And we have a professional on board that we can call on, talk with, and learn from to better manage our practice.

− Peggy Givens, Practice Administrator,
Irvine Doctors of Kids and Teens

The biggest benefit in working with the Borden Group is that thanks to Jackie’s solid work, I’m able to divert my time and focus to other areas of our operation, knowing that I don’t have to worry about the bookkeeping side of our business. Jackie’s effort to adapt to our business culture makes our partnership even that much more successful.

− Tony Jung, Chief Operating Officer, Spectrum Asset Management, Inc.

Jackie – an experienced accountant herself – is an outstanding strategic partner for my C.P.A. tax practice. When she finishes a set of books and hands them over to me for income tax preparation, I feel confident that the income and expense items are completely accurate. This reduces the time I spend preparing the tax returns, which in turn results in cost savings for the client.

− Elaine Lew, CPA,
Tax and Consulting

I hired The Borden Group because I wanted a bookkeeper that I could trust. I got that and a lot more! Jackie is extremely proactive. She looks out for problems before they get out of hand, and then creates and communicates a plan for resolving the issues.

− Wayne Franklin, Partner,
QXY Lido Commercial Property Management & Development

I am so pleased that I chose to use The Borden Group to train me. We cleaned up our Balance Sheet, reviewed our P&L and reorganized it in a way that made more sense. Plus, they taught me how to present a statement of Budget to Actual to our owners. I gained so much knowledge, as well as the confidence to understand and present financial data.

− Victoria Davis, Bookkeeper

The Borden Group provides our clients accurate and timely financial statements throughout the year, which in turn allows our firm to provide valuable tax planning and tax savings opportunities. The Borden Group has been an essential partner in providing our clients the highest level tax and accounting services.

− Roger A. Warren, CPA,
Stafford and Warren, LLP

The Borden Group has done a remarkable job getting our accounting into a manageable and repeatable process. Their vast knowledge and incredible patience has transformed and simplified our procedures.

− Gary Flores, Partner,
Notarize 24/7

The Borden Group has been a huge help to our business. Yes, Jackie Borden has stayed on top of our monthly bookkeeping for over 5 years but beyond that, there are many other questions that have come up throughout the years. Jackie is always just a phone call away, and she does everything she can to help resolve whatever issue is at hand.

− Christina Holmes, Manager,
Hampton Salon

The Borden Group’s QuickBooks training took me from a mere novice to an independent user in very little time. Jackie set me at ease, showed me what I needed to know to get started, and then guided me every step of the way. Her teaching style was straightforward, concise, clear, respectful, and fun. Well worth the investment rather than struggling through the tutorials and help screens on my own!

− Barbara Kromka, Bookkeeper,
2 Busy 2 Cook

I have worked with The Borden Group on multiple clients and every experience has been a positive and enjoyable one. The Borden Group not only provides excellent bookkeeping services, they also assist CPAs in being the best trusted advisor to their clients by being proactive, recognizing issues, and keeping the CPA apprised of what is going on with the client.

− Angela Garrett, CPA,
Wertz & Company

I was referred to The Borden Group when I started my business. I needed someone I could trust to keep me organized with my bookkeeping. Jackie has been extremely reliable, thorough and detail-oriented and I would not hesitate to recommend her. I really trust that Jackie will always keep me on track. My tax attorney complimented me for how organized my business books were, but the real secret was that it was all thanks to The Borden Group!

− Mitch Murphy, Principal,
MJM Associates, Inc.

As small business owners we wear a lot of hats, but it reached the point where my partner realized that taking care of the day-to-day bookkeeping was not the best use of her time. With The Borden Group handling our books I know that everything is being done right and it saves us money. They’re professional, dependable, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to work with.

− Scott Chaban, Partner,
AIMS Technology Solutions, Inc.

Jackie Borden is professional, knowledgeable, accommodating, and extremely helpful. Even when I call her in a panic with questions during off hours she’s still consistently kind and courteous. She is an absolute pleasure to work with, and I would be lost without her.

− Maria Gmur, Owner,
Rascal’s Ladies Over and Underwear

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