Professional Accounting and Bookkeeping Services To Help You Grow Your Business

The Borden Group Advantage

Why should you hire The Borden Group to provide accounting and bookkeeping services for your business? In a word: Results. Because your books will be managed by an experienced and degreed accountant, you’ll get:


  • Useful Financial Reports – Gain the ability to proactively plan for growth with financial reports that show where you’ve been, where you’re at and where things are trending. Not sure what to do with this information? Just ask. We’ll help you interpret the reports and explain what it all means for your business.
  • Flexible Systems and Processes – No need to “start again” as your business gets bigger. Your accounting systems and processes will be designed to grow with you.
  • Easy-to-Use Bookkeeping System – Fully customized for your needs…reliable, efficient and integrated with your business processes.
  • Assistance Navigating Government Requirements – We’ll be your “first responder” if notices are received.
  • Coordination with Your CPA – At tax time, your books will be in perfect order, ready to hand over for tax planning and preparation.
  • Financial Peace of Mind – That comes from knowing your small business’ bookkeeping is both timely and accurate.
business woman standing with colleagues

The Borden Group will ensure:

  • Your bills are paid
  • Your customers are invoiced
  • Your employees are paid
  • Your checkbook is balanced
  • Your accounts are reconciled
  • You understand your financial reports
  • Everything is on track